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We put the buzz in branding.

Whether you’re just starting a new business or your company needs a face-lift, now is the perfect time to create buzz for your brand!

The most common misconception of Branding: That it is something you choose to do – a project with a start and a finish, like designing a logo. But branding, the process by which an impression is formed in the minds of your audience – never ends.

Every interaction with a company leaves a living memory in the minds of individuals – and a “Collective Perception” across a wider audience. A brand then, is the unique sum of all impressions associated with a company or its products. Let Buzz help you make sure your Brand Message is consistent across all marketing communication channels.

But first impressions do count! And often that first impression is made by your logo mark. See where our Branding Process led us with a look at some of our logo marks. Let Buzz help you get your message out in a way that’s relevant and memorable!

Branding Services

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Jardines' Nightclub
The Cartwright Company
Socialist Studios
The Blue Room Jazz Club
patesserie bakery
Just Off Broadway Theater
Wellness Innovations & Nursing Services
Ethical & Independent Review Services
PDG Design