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Buzz-worthy web design for the whole WWW world.

Let’s get one thing straight. If you have a website, you’re a global company. It doesn’t matter whether you have one location or thousands – whether you’ve made a pitch to sell to the businesses or people in your area … across the country … or around the world.

Technology is bringing humanity together like never before. If you don’t have a website or your site is in need of a fresh new look and functionality (is it over three years old?), let Buzz help you with a web strategy tailored to your business and your customers!!

And Buzz offers full-service web site design – we even provide FREE webhosting, at, so why pay more for less?

Ready for business web design that will help your web site take on the world no matter how big your business world is? Then you’re ready for Buzz. Contact us and let’s get started today!

Compass Moving

A new php site for Compass included such advanced features as real-time international quotes including land, air and sea lanes, e-commerce with international currency exchange and instant translation into all major languages. A robust Search Engine Marketing (SEM), keeps Compass on page one among major keywords.



Compass Moving


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